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Well i sliced the tip of my thumb off at work yesterday, it was pretty intense. first they had to find a clinic that was open and then we rushed over there and they were closed so they had to take me downtown which took forever and i almost passed out from the pain. We finally got there and we had to wait for about half an hour while i was bleeding everywhere but i eventually got in to see a doctor. They had to see if i had sliced the bone, which i didn't, then they shot up my thumb with some extra strength numbing stuff and it didn't work so they gave me two more shots of it and i could feel my hand for about 4 hours. oh and one of the managers came rushing down cuz they had found the bit of my thumb and thought it could be reattached, he had put it on ice but buy the time he got there it had all melted so he had a little tub of water with a piece of my thumb floating in it. The nurses looked at him like he was a whole new breed of retarded. It took them forever to get it to stop bleeding, they usually use this little patch that just stops it but that didn't work so they had to use this special foam stuff that did work. They also had to put a splint on my thumb to keep me from messing up the foam so it looks a lot worse then it is, here's a pic:
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So they sent me home after being there for like 3 hours and gave me a bunch of pain pills, which really messed me up last night, and now i have to go to the concert tonight looking like an amputee.
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